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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chris number what???

eHarmony owes me a damn refund! In the last 2 months, I’ve had only 3 people that actually completed the “guided communication” that the site recommends. Out of over 200 matches (over half of which are in other states!) only 3 people are actually PAYING for the site and can communicate with me. What a joke!

I’m also stuck with a profile that I can’t delete until my 3-month membership is completed. It really annoys me to no end that I’ve sent messages to probably 20 people and received nothing back from them. I mean, the concept of eHarmony is great, but if people can’t do anything but see your profile unless they pay for it, then no one is going to bother with the site. I know that once my 3 months is over, I’m outta there! Big fat waste of time!

Yet another annoyance is the fact that I’ve had 19 matches named Chris/Christopher/Kristopher and 10 that were named Steve/Steven/Stephen. Let’s just say those two names have not been very lucky for me. Honestly, I thought Chris was the only one I should steer clear of, but sadly… Steven has been added to the list. The only two people I’ve actually met from eHarmony were named Steven and Stephen. At least I didn’t have to worry about confusing their names at dinner… Unfortunately, neither of them were really a good match for me.

If you know me, and I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this blog you do, then you know about my history with men named Chris. It is likely if I speak of any one of my serious relationships, I will be asked “Which one?” when the name Chris comes up. The reason for this is that I’ve dated 4 different Chris’s seriously. I never INTENTIONALLY dated guys named Chris, it just happened that way. Obviously, it’s a damn popular name because even eHarmony is trying to add to the list of Chris’s.

So, thanks to my past history with the name Chris, I won’t date anyone with the name. I know it sounds ridiculous, but honestly…who would want to explain YET ANOTHER guy named Chris when you bring him home for Thanksgiving or Christmas? It’s kind of embarrassing that my family has a running joke every time I date anyone seriously (which sadly hasn’t happened since Chris number 4 over a year and a half ago…aka Hailee’s dad). The first thing they ask is “Is his name Chris??”

So anyway, back to eHarmony… Your guarantee that you’ll find me a match is BULLSHIT. Thanks for wasting my time. I think I’ll just avoid dating websites COMPLETELY from now on thanks to creepy guys (see HEY YOU! YEAH, YOU!) and eHarmony’s lack of paying users.


  1. It's so true! You are a funny gal!

  2. It will be ok, if I had a blog that explained my situation- well, you would feel a lot better about yours I will put it that way!